“Overcome the devils…with a thing called LOVE”

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My eight-day, seven night stay at  Montego Bay, Jamaica is something that I will never forget. I can truly say for the most part, Jamaica has changed me or at least has given me a new outlook on life. I’ve learned that there are NO worries, and its all one love. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the free-living culture. It is a beautiful place. I have met so many gracious people over there who I will never forget. I have countless memories and photos to help those memories come alive. I had an amazing captivating experience in Ochos Rios when I climbed the Dunn’s River’s 900 foot natural waterfall. Fortunately one of our guides video taped the entire thing as a souvenir. I’ve seen so many talented dancers, singers, and vendors. You can truly feel the love in Jamaica all the way from the airport to your resort. 


Nikki Jay xx.


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ON A MISSION…007 shit

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I am a nobody in the Fashion Society. I just have a lust for fashion that wont go away! I wanted to attend Fashion Week this year. I want to see shows and upcoming fashions. Fashion is art and I LOVE art! It’s so creative and inspiring. I love using my personality and mood to pick out my outfits. But anyway, you are probably wondering how I am going to do this? I have absolutely no connections in the fashion world but I realized the power of the internet. I had this great idea in my head to just start taking photographs of my ideas when it comes to clothes and get some of my friends to model them. Why not right? it would be fun and maybe hopefully someone will come across my site and see these pictures and be interested! Ha, I am a dreamer, a BIG dreamer. I really do feel like the sky is the limit,very cliché but true! I dream BIG when it comes to my career plans, house, and overall leisurely life of vacation and travel. Some may say I am unrealistic others say I’m hopeful. I say BOTH. I’m unrealistically hopeful. But then my positive side tells me that if I think BIG and I’m productive, BIG and good things will find me! So im going to stick to that mentality because it has been working thus far! I have accomplished and done many things that I am so thankful for so I will not stop dreaming and moving forward 🙂  

As far as attending fashion week, it has now become one of my dreams and missions that I will, somehow conquer. Wish me luck!

“Dream until your dreams come true”

Nikki Jay xx.

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Staying Classy at the US Open ;)

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I want to just thank the higher power above  for making me so lucky. I was asked by a friend last-minute to attend the US open with her for yesterday’s game! Now a couple of things were running through my mind. YAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ughhhhhh I have to wake up early! haha but it was so worth it! We had such a great time! We drank wine like little ladies and bought some nifty apparel to show our last-minute dedication. One thing I did not appreciate was being called a “snowflake” by one of the staff members at the food courts. Sorta nasty but other than that it was awesome. Mercedes-Benz and Ralph Lauren, sponsored the Open and presented their new lines and hot shit. The US Open knows how to stay classy 😉

Nikki Jay xx.

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AVEENO® Hair Care Products

September 7, 2010 at 5:51 pm (Beauty)

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via AVEENO® Hair Care Products.

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Thumbs up for Aveeno Products!

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So I’m totally a fan of the new Aveeno products including the Daily moisturizing lotion with SPF 15, Nourish and Shine Shampoo and Conditioners, and the Nourish and Condition leave in conditioning treatment. These products are fabulous and ill tell you some reasons why!

The shampoo and Conditioners have definitely made some improvements to my treated hair. It helped repair some of the damage from highlights and coloring over some time. I felt the difference in the texture of my hair and its strength. It did not feel as heavy and tangled. I could actually run my fingers through it.

The leave in conditioner is phenomenal. I have extremely thick hair that is unmanageable. It gets knotty very quickly and when I add in too much conditioner it can get greasy. I searched for a leave in conditioner that will fix those problems and I definitely found one. The Aveeno leave in conditioner makes keeps my hair untangled and soft. It also keeps it strong and shiny.

I recently went to the salon and this time my  hair dresser told me my hair looks pretty healthy. I said thank you but I felt a little selfish so I had to give the credit to the products.

The daily moisturizing lotion is another great product that Aveeno has to offer. It works great for all day protection from the sun and dry skin. It absorbs quickly and it is not greasy at all. That is one this I dislike about lotions containing sunscreens, they always make me feel like a butter ball!

I always try new products ranging from department stores and high-end boutiques to target and your regular grocery store products. I find that price in some cases does not matter. Aveeno offers great prices and great products, keep it up!!

Give these products a try!! Would I ever steer you wrong???!?! 😉

Nikki Jay xx.

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What’s Included – Luxury Vacations & Beach Resort Accommodations at Sandals

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What\’s Included – Luxury Vacations & Beach Resort Accommodations at Sandals

via What\’s Included – Luxury Vacations & Beach Resort Accommodations at Sandals.

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Super Super Excited mon’ !!

September 7, 2010 at 3:52 pm (beach, Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

What is good beautifuls?!?!? I’ve been feeling pretty happy lately 🙂 Probably because I have a few fabulous things to look forward to. I am proud to announce that I will be attending the Eminem and Jay Z concert on Sept 13th. I have been waiting to see Eminem perform and I know people think he’s lyrics are quite controversial I think he is a lyrical genius. Rap is one of my guilty pleasures, I love it and I just do not think that anyone can really compare.

Next on my list of things to Conquer this month is JAMAICA!!! I’m visiting Montego Bay and I could not be any happier. I’m going away with my boyfriend who by the way made me pancakes this morning  ,it’s the small things that I love, and were staying in an all-inclusive resort, Sandals. Yes, I’m sure you have seen the commercials and I’m just hoping that it is just as fabulous there as it looks on tv. I need a real VACATION. And I think I can hang down there, home of the legend Bob Marley 😉 

Nikki Jay xx.

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hello hello hello!

September 3, 2010 at 12:00 am (Uncategorized)

Soon I will be travelling to the beautiful island of Jamaica !!! I absolutely cannot wait for this trip. I am staying at Sandals and I heard wonderful things. But if you come across this lonely little post of mine and you have stayed at Sandals, Montego Bay let me know whats good!! Tell me how your vacation was, I would love to know!

Nikki Jay xx.

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uh I really hope that was a shooting star..

August 30, 2010 at 3:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Well hello beautifuls!
I have returned from my “vacation”, but I’ve had a lot of things going on around me and I apologize for not posting! but I hope you enjoy this little story from my “vacation”. And I put vacation in quotes because it was the total opposite from a vacation, more like an all expense paid baby sitting trip.

so here it goes…I was driving around the complex in Florida where I’m staying at with my boyfriends family, and we saw something unusual, very unusual. There was a bright circular glowing ball in the sky that shot downward into the deep woods. we looked in each others eyes and did not speak. We were driving around with my boyfriends younger cousins and did not want to scare them and say the word ALIEN. But we didn’t have to even say anything, the older cousin knew. We were all scared but very curious. We drove around a little more down roads that were inhabited, empty lots. I sware I saw something weird-looking in the woods, but then again when you’ve witnessed something creepy or your scared your eyes start to create these glimpses or shadows that make you believe you’ve actually seen something. So im unsure of what I saw in the woods but 100% certain of what I saw in the sky.

When we got back to his house I used the internet to look up what shooting stars looked like, since I’ve never actually seen one we thought maybe it was a possibility. Which is definitely wasnt. It did not have the tail that the shooting star has.

So yeah that’s one of my stories from my trip, kinda wished I never went. I regret seeing what I saw even though ive been so interested in seeing something in that nature.

 This photo is of a shooting star… not what I saw.

 Nikki Jay xx.

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Another deliciousness for ya’

August 8, 2010 at 8:15 pm (food) (, )

This one was quite interesting. I have never made a cobbler before. I never actually knew what a cobbler was? But I was in for a delicious surprise. The fruit went on the bottom and the batter went on top. Very nice.


Good Food for the Body and Soul.

Nikki Jay xx.

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